Music has been an integral part of the Indian culture and tradition. It’s much more than mere form of entertainment and business; it is the expression of devotion and beauty, ethereal yet so much real. The origin of music is quite like the universe, unexplainable yet very much existent. India as a society has witnessed many forms of music; the vibrant folklores, exquisite classical, poetry, western pop, jazz, etc. But what makes the Indian music is the foundation of the Hindustani classical music which has been traditional and at the same time so beautiful and elegant. I am not a trained classical musician, nor I understand much about it; yet as a third person I truly believe that this music is most powerful amongst all he music forms in whole world.  This is my attempt to express what the classical music to a common man is!!

Music Gives Soul to Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination And Life to Everything…

– As said by Plato, a great Greek scholar

The Hindustani classical music is an institution in itself; with all that I have read and heard it is like an ocean, deep and vast. Again, I truly believe that classical music is not for all; it’s not the music for masses. You need to have a different temperament and upbringing for that. Fortunately I have developed a listening ear to this great music form. The Hindustani music has so many different arrays that you fall for it just because of its variety. While reading about this music form, I came with so many interesting facts that just made it more interesting.

For example, the evolution of Ragas in classical music; there are different Ragas for different moods and different seasons. Ragas are also been created depending upon the time; early morning, noon, evening and night. Some of the Ragas are believed to be creations of the lords themselves; as Raga Malkaunsa was created by Goddess Parvati herself to sooth her husband lord Shiva; others have interesting anecdotes for their creation; as with Bilaskhani Todi, raga created by Bilas Khan in grief to mourn the death of his father, the greatest Taansen.

As I said earlier also, I do not have training in music, but I appreciate the music from my heart rather than my brain. The sheer strength of Hindustani classical music is that with use of minimum instruments (sometimes only the Taanpura), and with no extravagant orchestration it can create solid impact and can completely make you forget your senses. Another reason what differentiates classical music with other forms is the spiritual awakening. It is believed that classical music has that power to induce a happiness or satisfaction that cannot be explained in words; that feeling is completely different and goose bump types (I have had experience of that). That state of mind is hardly for few minutes may be but the experience stays with you forever.

Enjoy great music and make the world happier around you!!! :):)


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