Assal Marathi – Part 2

The magic of the Marathi food continues…. In this part I am going to talk about the authentic Marathi food, some very peculiar preparations and my memories associated with these delicacies. I have always been fond of home cooked food; I had no tantrums and like a very good boy (that I am :P) I... Continue Reading →


Music has been an integral part of the Indian culture and tradition. It’s much more than mere form of entertainment and business; it is the expression of devotion and beauty, ethereal yet so much real. The origin of music is quite like the universe, unexplainable yet very much existent. India as a society has witnessed... Continue Reading →


Old London landscapes, perfect English etiquette, people brewing the tea, talks of the England country whether, all very happy and merry. And just then the sinister strikes; a murder is announced or is already being committed. Whether it’s a cold-blooded act, or done at the spur of the moment or a pre-meditated crime, it's always... Continue Reading →

Assal Marathi… (Part-1)

Born and brought up in a Marathi household is a dream come true. I am surrounded with great food always; be it breakfast, lunch, supper, dinner, midnight snacks anything. You name it and the cuisine has everything for you. I have always felt that Maharashtrian food is always under estimated; people cannot go beyond vada... Continue Reading →

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